Water Tank Supply and Installation Services

GRP Water Tanks Supplied or Installed

GRP Tanks can be supplied in all manner of sizes and types, including Sectional Water Tanks, One Piece GRP Tanks, Two Piece GRP Tanks or even Three Piece GRP Tanks if required. In areas where access is slightly limited, it may be possible to install or replace an existing water tank with a one piece GRP tank or possibly a two piece. Where access is slightly more restricted a three piece GRP tank can be installed. Water tanks which are to be situated in areas with limited space or very restricted access, can be assembled in position using sectional panels to suit the area allocated.

Sectional Water Tanks

Our sectional water tanks are constructed from 1m x 1m, 1m x 0.5m and 0.5m x 0.5m GRP Panels. These panels comprise of hot pressed GRP and are pre-insulated with 50mm insulation. The sectional tank panels are joined using stainless steel bolts and a high quality foam and flexible seal jointing strip. All GRP Tanks come complete with Access Hatch, Screened Tank Breather and Overflow Screen. Any size of tank can be built using any combination of the panel sizes stated, to a maximum height of 5m. Sectional GRP Tanks can be supplied or installed by our experienced engineers.

One, Two and Three Piece GRP Water Tanks

Our multi piece GRP water tanks can be manufactured in either 1, 2 or 3 sections to suit access restrictions. The main two advantages of the multi piece GRP water tanks are the ease and speed of erection and the easy to manoeuvre sections. All multi section GRP Tanks come with standard 50mm Pre-insulation, Insulated Lid, Screened Tank Breather and Overflow Screen. A large variety of sizes and capacity tanks are available. Multi Piece GRP Water Tanks can be supplied or installed by our experienced engineers.

Recent Projects Carried Out

Leaking Cold Water Storage Tank Removal and
Installation of Sectional Cold Water Storage Tank

This project was at a local sewage treatment works. The project was to remove a leaking sectional cold water storage tank and build in the same position, a reduced capacity GRP sectional tank. The new sectional tank was to comply with current regulations as the new installation was to store potable water for the plant. The site was attended by our engineers, and by the end of the first day the existing cold water storage tank had been drained and removed.

New steel tank supports positioned and a base of 25mm marine plywood was positioned. A 3000 litre GRP Sectional Tank was erected and connected to the existing services. On completion of the build, a chlorination was carried out and the new sectional tank was back in service. The whole project was completed in a three day period.

Sectional Tank Replacement

Project :- Washington Leisure Centre

This project was the replacement of an 8` x 4` x 8` sectional tank, with a new 5000ltr sectional GRP tank. Unlike most sectional tank replacement projects, our engineers were able to build a new sectional GRP tank adjacent to the old sectional tank. As you will notice, there was a substantial amount of external corrosion to the existing cold water storage tank. This due to the tanks close proximity to the indoor pool, creating an excessive amount of condensation.

This is a good example of the advantages of the pre-insulated GRP water tanks, On completion, condensation was reduced by 90%.

On completion of the build and test filling of the new tank, existing pipework services were switched to the new cold water storage tank. A chlorination was carried out, and the old sectional tank was removed to create additional storage space.